Dr. Tina Daniels, Ph.D. Senior Associate
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Dr. Tina Daniels PhD,
Senior Associate & Psychoeducational Assessment Specialist

Dr. Tina Daniels has worked in the field of psychology and child studies for over 25 years and is an accomplished researcher and educator.  She is an associate professor at Carleton University and is considered an expert on the subjects of bullying and social aggression in children and youth.

At Cappelli & Associates we are fortunate that Tina has a passion for working one-on-one with children, adolescents and young adults. Tina brings an in depth understanding of developmental psychology that forms the scientific basis of the assessment tools, as well as the ability to create a calm and reassuring environment so that even the most reluctant young client can relax, focus and complete the assessment to the best of their ability. As a University Professor she is also able to assess next steps for youth who are finishing high school and to make recommendations for the types of accommodations that may be required to support learning at college or university.

A dedicated educator and lifelong learner, Tina regularly supervises graduate students, is an active researcher and participates in planning and oversight committees at Carleton University. Tina is a natural at mentoring our new psychometrists, sharing her knowledge related to child development, assessment interpretation and evaluating the implementation of new testing measures.

Tina obtained her Masters of Applied Science in Educational Psychology and her Doctorate in Developmental Psychology with a specialization in Social and Emotional Development at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.