Juliana Nicoletta, HBSc., M.A., Psychometrist
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Juliana Nicoletta BSc(Hon), MA

Juliana has been a wonderful addition to our Psychoeducational Assessment Service, working closely with our team of experts including Dr. Tina Daniels, Dr. Mario Cappelli, and Heather Slade (Clinical Psych. Assoc.).

Juliana has a natural knack for creating a warm, non-judgemental and non-stressful environment as she guides the child/teen through the completion of the various testing measures. Juliana has a keen ability for observation, attention to detail and ability to compile the many points of information uncovered in the assessment process, and communicate this in a succinct and clear format with the Clinical Psychologist.

With an academic background in Neuroscience and Mental Health, and with an ongoing interest and post-graduate pursuit in Clinical Psychology, Juliana is a natural fit in our practice.