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Psychological/Psychoeducational Assessments are provided by a psychologist and generally involve diagnostic testing to help clarify, provide insight or more accurately diagnose a problem, ways we process information and knowledge, behaviours, or symptoms. Assessments may be requested to address a specific area such as academic performance or to help identify a psychological problem that requires immediate therapeutic intervention.

At Cappelli & Associates our assessments provide an objective and close examination of key areas including emotional, behavioural, social, cognitive and developmental functioning, and personality traits. We use standardized and reliable testing materials and clients are guided through the tests by a psychometrist. We create a a stress-free experience for our young and older clients, allowing them to complete the tests to their best of their ability.

Assessments do require several hours in testing, scoring,  interpretation and preparation of a formal report. As such, prior to engaging in extensive and in-depth assessments, the psychologist and client/family will collaborate to determine the purpose, goals and scope of the assessment.

Our aim is to conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide clients, families or others supporting the client in treatment or in school, with recommendations that are meaningful, concise and actionable.

Psychological/PsychoEducational Assessments are covered by most extended health care insurance plans. You do not need a physician’s referral to access our services.


PsychoEducational Assessment (ages 6 – young adult)

• Provide an understanding of factors that impact learning and academic performance.
• May be helpful for the child/student who is feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, having behavioural issues at school or avoiding school; or perhaps disinterested or disengaged.
• Are required by schools, post-secondary institutions before the student is provided an IEP (Individual Educational Plan), resource teacher support, special enhanced(gifted) programming or accommodations (eg. extended time for exams, assignments, computer use).

Psychological Assessment for ADHD (ages 6 – young adult)

• Our team of experts have extensive experience working with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) cases.
• Assessment are comprehensive and are sensitive to the ADHD subtypes (eg. inattentive, impulsive/hyperactive).

Psychological Assessment for Concurrent Disorder or Addiction Diagnosis

• We work with our community addiction/substance abuse colleagues to ensure a complete Psychological Assessment.
• Our focus is on the emotional and psychological component of the Concurrent Disorder/Addiction problem.