Psychological/PsychoEducational Assessments
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Psychological/PsychoEducational Assessments

We combine our passion for working with young people with the knowledge and understanding of how an assessment can be the positive step needed for understanding how we learn, and what may be impacting our learning. We aim to contribute, through our Assessments, to every young person’s most positive and beneficial academic-life experience.

We meet each family and young person’s challenges, abilities, questions and concerns, with a strength-based focus – providing an Assessment that school boards/post-secondary institutions recognize, and which will clearly address what accommodations are required, what academic opportunities should be offered, and what at home, families & students can do to work towards achieving their goals.

Assessments Provided (for children age 6 to young adult)

  • PsychoEducational Assessment to identify learning differences, recommendations & accommodations
  • ADD/ADHD Assessment – with or without psychoeducational measures
  • Giftedness/Enhanced Programming Assessment – as required by the local Ottawa school boards as well as other Independent/Private Schools for placement in a giftedness program or other enhanced learning environment.
  • PsychoEducational Assessments for students who have already been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (*we refer/work with our ASD experts in community and hospital settings for the initial diagnosis)
  • Re-Assessments for students that may need an update to their learning profile, are finding some differences as they have matured, or require revisions due to current school experience, post-secondary plans.
  • Post-graduate entrance exams (eg. LSAT, GRE, MCAT) if needed, some students may benefit from accommodations.

Does My Child Need an Assessment?

Many families contact us for a Psychological/PsychoEducational Assessment for a variety of reasons, however if you are unsure about whether an assessment will address your question or concern, please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with some helpful advice. These are common reasons for getting an Assessment:

  • Teacher/School may recommend an assessment to better determine if there are learning factors that are impacting meeting milestones or peer- level academic expectations.
  • Healthcare Provider/Paediatrician may refer if there are concerns related to some behavioural observations that may be impacting school and home life, eg. attention deficit/hyperactivity.
  • Parents/caregivers notice behaviour at school/home where the child is often not following along with peers or keeping up with the class, reluctant to attend school or consistently unhappy in attending school; concern regarding focus, attention, staying on task, unable to follow direction/complete instructions
  • Parents/caregivers question about placement in a “gifted or enhanced” program option that may better fit their child’s educational needs.
  • Had a previous psychoeducational assessment but requires an updated or re-assessment for secondary or post-secondary studies. *Note assessments for students who plan to attend College or University are often eligible for OSAP funding
  • Youth/young adult may feel capable, but also feel they need some insight or accommodations to meet their goals and academic expectations.
  • It is clinically indicated that an Assessment may provide insight into the underlying issues of the young person’s mental health struggles/concerns.
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