Therapeutic Services
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Led by recognized mental health expert, Dr. Mario Cappelli, our team provides counselling and therapeutic support to young people and their families coping with emotional, behavioural, interpersonal and social challenges.

Individual Support

Depending on the young person’s age, and their mental health needs, we work together one-on-one and in a supportive and non-judgemental environment, to understand, and provide effective ways of managing their unique challenges. We take confidentiality and trust between the young person and therapist seriously and always put the best interests of the young person first and foremost.

Family & Parenting Support

Working with parents/caregivers we focus on the development of skills when parenting children and teens with challenges with their behaviour and emotions. Parents and caregivers are typically invited to join in the sessions early on for some of their insight/context, or ongoing as appropriate, or requested by the young client.

Attachment-Based Collaborative Problem-Solving

For some families an attachment-based approach is necessary and more appropriate. The goal is to re-establish bonds and emotional connections when there is tension and conflict within family relationships.