Therapeutic Services
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Therapeutic Services

Available and appropriate for all ages beginning at age 5 through to young adulthood.

Individual Therapy

• Parents and caregivers are typically invited to join in the sessions early on for some of their insight/context, or ongoing as appropriate, or requested by the young client.
• We take confidentiality and trust between the young person and therapist seriously and always put the best interests of the young person first and foremost.

Family Therapy

• May include parents/caregivers, blended family members.
• Goal is to improve the interpersonal relationships, communication and emotional connections between family members.

Parenting Skills-Based Therapy

• Focus on the development of skills to help parent children and teens with behavioural challenges including oppositional, non-compliant, and anger/aggressive behaviours.

Attachment-Based Collaborative Problem-Solving

• Core component is creating safety to allow family members to explore and reflect emotions.
• The process is based on the PACE model – Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy.